मैं और तुम

मैं जैसे बहती नदी, और तुम गहरा सा समंदर।

मैं द‌रबदर भटकती, तुम ठहरा सा एक मन।

मैं जो मिले, वो समेटती, और किनारे बाँटते तुम।

मैं हर मर्यादा से परे, और उन मर्यादा मैं घिरे तुम।

मैं कभी ना रुकता रास्ता, उस रास्ते की मंज़िल तुम।

मैं तुमसे मिलने को बेकरार, तुम्हे भी मेरा इंतज़ार।

मैं मंज़िल पाने को तडपती, तुम संयम रख, खुद को परखते।

मैं जब दोड़ी चली आती, पास तुम्हारे, तुम फैलाये बाँहे, समेट लेते मुझे।

ना मिलो तुम, तब तक मैं खोजूंँ तुम्हें, और मिल जाओ तो कभी ना छोडू तुम्हें।

मैं जैसे बहती नदी, तुम जैसे गहरा समंदर।

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Hey there! I’m super excited posting this Hindi poetry on my blog for the very first time! I wonder, how did I manage to write anything in Hindi! Well, It didn’t ask for much efforts as it comes from within! Reviews are welcomed! 😉


Miss silly

She thinks,

She has no love,

but a beautiful life!

Most stupid but weirdly smart,

Super silly and messy,

An unstoppable lame jokes creator,

This is what she is!

She says no one loves her,

But when someone try to get close to her,

She runs away!!

She says she’s simple,

But she wants chaos and composure at the same time!

Though not loving Marvel movies,

She loves her own marvellous fiction!


In my all saddened day,
I witnessed nothing but YOU!
I saw you.
I saw you, sitting on the back seat of that empty bus.
When my eyes fell into your intense sight,
My heart started throbbing.
And my body started shivering,
My eyes had the bliss!
I would crave for this glimpse of yours,
For my whole life!

In a blink of my eyes,
I realised the empty seat…
You were not there!
You never were!

I see you,
And Again…
You’re paradise!
Cure of all my pain.
Your smile is soothing.

Your sight is satisfying.
And I would never open my eyes,
The darkness takes me to you…

//Still wondering if you’re my daydream or the twin flame story that I’m craving for!//


“A GREAT FIASCO” was our first meeting,

But the rests were soothing.

We and “OUR” relationship, both passed through a lot of crises,

But didn’t we make more raises?

Ups and downs made us weakened,

But our bond just got sweetened.

I know, never on the same page we are,

But that’s enough to share a same book with you.

We had no matches matched ever,

But the acceptance for both lead us further.

Not the perfect companion you are,

But still a perfect company you are!

//And they say they’re worse when together.//

2:47 a.m.

The overwhelming thoughts suddenly awakened her from her nap. She lit up her mobile screen, 2:47 a.m. it showed.

“Man, I just slept before 15 minutes. I’ve become insomniac.” She thought.

She closed her eyes. She could perfectly imagine her, getting older with him. A perfect life, anyone can ever wish for!

Him, leaving his current girlfriend. Him, accidentally meeting her. Him, started falling for her (As she already do!). Him, getting into a relationship with her, then wedding and then happy couple ever! (All thanks to bollywood!) Perfectly happy life! In between these beautiful thoughts, that question again hit her head like hell. “Do he actually feel the same way as you do?” A question asked by her best friend that she was unable to answer.

If it’s been asked a month before, She might have answered big “YES” without thinking a moment. But these days are different. A bitter truth! And there she again opened her eyes.

She picked up a bottle and sipped some water. She slightly kept her legs on the floor and walked down to the balcony. She could see the dreary tree, unable to scare her and the crescent moon, failed to please her. She sat on the chair, wearing the headphones, trying not to listen retro romantic, Her midnight favourite. Instead she played club music. She knew, For her, Music is cure of everything. Yes, Everything! But that night, she could hear the rare lyrics of club music instead of rhythm and that rare lyrics were enough to ignite her thoughts. She sighed sadly. She stopped the music, stood up and went in the room, trying to figure out what can be done. She lit up the room.

No, there’s no escape.” She thought. “And where there’s no escape, you better go on!” She gently smiled watching her diary laying on the table. She took it up and wrote something in it. She ended it up with big exclamation mark, as her life was! She darkened the room and closed the eyes to attempt one more failure of slumber!

//And they say she has got everything what she ever wished for.//


No, no.

No stranger you’re!

Nor friend neither lover!

Who you are?

A story, that I want to believe on.
The beats, that I want to dance upon.
The lyrics, that I want to sing along.
The sea, that I want to sail alone.
The stars, that I want to gaze forever.

Love to cherish or fantasy to dreamin’?

What you are?

Not everything but something you’re!

Incompletely complete!

She always pretend, she doesn’t care if he’s around!

And, on some good day, she was ordering her food in the canteen as usual. She was waiting for her food to arrive , making weird faces. Her sight was wandering around and suddenly fell on the person, standing right beside her and her heart started racing!

“What on the earth made him standing beside me?” She thought , “Why he didn’t find any other place GOD!?”

She became so restless, drastically turned to opposite of his face, widened her eyes! She was jumping on her feet slowly, twisting her hands, She felt the unconsciousness and her body started shivering.

“Why the heck the cook’s taking this much time to serve him? Why don’t he serve him and he just get off?” She whispered, frightened!

She was terrified, stupid, weird, crazy, happy, all at the same time! It was insane!

She hoped he do not notice her, making those nonsenses because of him. But at the same time, she wanted him to see her, making all those nonsenses for him!

And lastly, when he left with his food, she wished him to stay there, a bit more, just for a while.

// Some stories are never meant to be destined, they’re just wanderlust! //